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The good posture of sleep is the supine position with both shoulders on the floor. If you can sleep only 50% of your
sleep with this posture, your sleep is fine. So if a bed is a science, we think a pillow should be more scientific.
Rolling Pillow is the weightless pillow that helps rebuild muscles, restore joints, and focuses on correct sleeping posture and deep sleep.

When you lie down to sleep, your whole body receives gravity and there’s an average of 20 to 30 turns. Sleep posture is
an involuntary action during sleep, making it difficult to correct most of the time. Rolling Pillow is a mechanism to
deliberately correct sleep posture. A typical pillow that is close to the floor receives either a person or a pillow
or gravity as a whole. However, Rolling Pillow is a semicircle with a seesaw principle, and the straight line on the
floor becomes the neutral line. The technique of Rolling Pillow is to solve gravity by applying the principle of seesaw
inside once more. When the user is unconscious of sleeping, turning occurs, and the external roll and inner roll occur
at the same time and leave the neutral line. Because the axis of the body does not change like the principle of the lever,
the position of the neck and shoulders remains constant and the correct position is maintained.
Rolling Pillow helps to loosen the grip of the shoulders and neck by circulating your body. While gravity forces the neck
when lying down, Rolling Pillow makes the neck feel relaxed and relaxed. The cervical cortex, which is transmitted from
the brain to the limb, naturally moves, gradually reducing the amount of turning.


Poor sleep quality can be caused by multiple factors:

Serious toss and turns during sleeping / Uncomfortable pillow foam / Serious snoring / Dirty mattress / Stiffness on neck muscle and joints


Rolling Pillow helps you to make your sleep satisfactory by:

– Correcting your sleep postures in restricting toss and turns during sleeping
– Automatic rolling in responding to your snoring noise
– Allowing you to exercise your neck muscle and joints when laying down
– Checking if your mattress is clean and safe


Rolling Pillow is recommendable for those who are:

– Suffering from serious toss and turns during sleeping
– Drivers running for long distance and time
– Exercisers for long time and strenuous posture
– Suffering from stiffness on neck muscle and joints due to all-day use of computer, mobile

Rolling Pillow

Rolling Pillow Improves Sleep Quality

– Serious toss and turns during sleeping: Rolling Pillow helps you restrict your toss and turns by keeping you in a back-sleeping posture during sleeping
– Uncomfortable pillow foam: Rolling Pillow offers ergonomically-designed memory foam to keep your neck up and your back of head down
– Serious snoring: Rolling Pillow has automatic rolling system for pillow height in responding to your snoring noise
– Dirty mattress: Rolling Pillow has dust checking sensors to make sure if your mattress is clean
Stiffness on neck muscle and joints: Rolling Pillow embeds laterally-sliding panel to allow you to excercise your neck muscle and joints when laying down

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Correct sleeping posture 
If you feel uncomfortable and twist your body during sleep, the outer and inner shake panels of the hemispherical type move simultaneously, and it adjusts neck alignment and alignment to maintain proper posture during sleep.

The effect of squeezing occipital area 
Pressing the nuchal line of the occipital area, improves craniosacral rhythm, and it provides a physical environment that allows the autonomic nervous system and the central nervous system to operate, and also helps to restore musculoskeletal system.

The effect of reflex control 
You can get effects to control neural reflex properly in nervous systems, musculoskeletal systems, and internal organs even while you are sleeping or take a rest as it remarkably stimulates fibers in the occipital region.